Hit the Business Woman’s Home Run…Find Your Professional Strike Zone and Succeed There!

Darlene loves to network and is a natural connector, but on her own terms in her own personal style. She has found her own professional strike zone in her Women In Business networking programs and wants to share her simple secrets with you and your organization’s women in business!

Her audiences gain great ideas and strategies in the art of networking and how to ask others for their business. No more “swimming against the current in a man’s world!” Darlene’s unique innovations energize you to create your own ideal professional strike zone that is productive and successful! Attendees will:

  • Learn how to create a personal brand in order to be successful in creating alliances with others
  • Recognize that the same strategies many women apply in making friends outside of the workplace is no different than “networking” as a business woman
  • Be enlightened to the difference between finding a comfortable environment in which to do business (Strike Zone) vs. a cookie–cutter, generic networking strategy that leads to apathy and stagnation (Quiet Zone)
  • Create a self–marketing strategy based on uniqueness and niche positioning rather than competition

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