Collateral Damage… Effective Strategies in Dealing with the many victims of “The Predator Next Door”

You are the “front lines” in working with the victims of child abuse, so it is important to recognize all of those victimized in an instance of child abuse—the Collateral Damage of the crime. This includes not only the primary victim of the abuse, but the families of both the child abuse victim AND the family of the predator.

Darlene presents a passionate training on the many victims of child abuse using her own story, as the ex-wife of an FBI-wanted pedophile, as the case study to lead this discussion.  This presentation is an eye-opening view of the many victims in child abuse cases and how those on the “front lines” can be best equipped to maximize best results in these cases.  Audience members will learn:

  • How to identify both the emotional and physical responses of all victims in crisis
  • The effect of Front Line attitudes in working with all victims in a case
  • Effective communication with all victims involved
  • Innovative interventions for maximizing the cooperation and the healing of all victims
  • Helpful resources

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