Create Your Own Current…Ride YOUR Wave to Success!

Who is the “real you” and how does “she” influence your actions and performance?  When you stand knee-deep in the ocean, how easy is it to move against the current?  In this great big “ocean of life,” do you stand still for fear the current will knock you down, do you swim against the current because you rationalize it will somehow make you stronger despite fatigue and frustration, or do you Create Your Own Current?

A must-have presentation for female audiences, Darlene uses her own “ocean of life” stories, experiences and strategies to move women in the direction of their own unique current.  Her love of the beach is exemplified as she moves women through a series of ocean-related metaphors, leaving them energized and inspired to:

  • Embrace collaboration and minimize competition
  • Maximize networks and alliances with a “make friends first” strategy
  • Avoid the “sharks,” including the self-sabotaging ones
  • Know when to tread water (Quiet Zone) and when to swim their best stroke (Strike Zone)
  • Realize how, when and why to “hit the beach chair” and take time for themselves
  • Use their uniqueness as a WOMAN to ride the wave to personal and professional success!

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