E5 Model of Excellence™…Educate, Empower, Encourage and Lead by Example to Create Professional Excellence in your Workforce

Ideal for your company’s executives, management and training professionals! E5 Model of Excellence™ is Darlene’s highly regarded formula that bridges the gap between management and staff, while it empowers a workforce or sales team to be the best they can be for themselves and for the company.

This formula is “people–driven” and “people–focused.” Darlene has implemented this formula many times in her consulting career with tremendous results both in the numbers and in the satisfaction employees feel in their positions. This “back to basics” training model enables the company to:

  • Implement research ideas and strategies created specifically for a particular sales team that helps them overcome objections from prospects
  • Learn creative empowerment tools to inspire independence in your staff
  • Create a work environment that is fun, innovative and inspires great production by all employees
  • Be empowered to be a High Touch Leader who inspires confidence and professional comfort zones for his/her employees
  • Teach your sales force to anticipate obstacles and reduce the fear and anxiety that create roadblocks to desired outcome

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