Make Friends First and the Business Will Follow… Tips and Tools for Exceptional Business Development!

Networking. Business Development. For some, these are words representing the “chore” of building a business or portfolio of clients; for some, these words represent something uncomfortable or scary. To Darlene, these words are mere representations of a WAY OF LIFE.

Darlene energetically presents the practical and fun approach to developing business. Her experiences and stories as a business owner, business development professional and founder of two award-winning networking groups will keep audiences both entertained and empowered!

Attendees of this presentation will:

  • Be provided with simple strategies that can be immediately implemented to enhance business development efforts
  • Experience a perspective shift from business development as a “must do” to building friendships and relationships that are a “must have”
  • Gain insight to how to navigate the wide array of networking and business development opportunities
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Role play a variety of scenarios of how to “make friends first SO the business will follow”
  • Learn the art of recruitment and retention of relationships that turn into viable business

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