High Touch Alliances™…
Unleash Your Creative Soul One Relationship at a Time

"High Touch" is not simply a descriptor — it is a way of life. High Touch is the warm, creative, human element in all that we do, professionally and personally. High Touch refers to both the quantity and the quality with which we reach out to our alliances. It is not high tech — High Touch Alliances™ is the back-to-basics approach of dealing with people. It is your ability to create...create balance, create success, and create excellence.

Obstacles happen. And when "punches in the stomach" occur, our relationships at home and at work — and even our alliance with ourselves — suffer. Darlene would know. One day the FBI told her that her ex-husband was a wanted child predator and they were searching his house for evidence. For a while her whole world spun out of control with fear, anger, sadness, shock and intense judgement and criticism from outsiders. Her and her children’s journey through Betrayal Recovery has resulted in a productive, happy life. Darlene’s "back story" inspired her to develop the High Touch Alliances concept and to realize that High Touch relationships fueled her resilience.

This and other personal stories that Darlene shares show that she is no stranger to both personal and professional obstacles. Darlene brings an authentic, motivating energy to her audiences with compelling stories and strategies that will empower busy executives and other professionals to

  • Unleash their creative soul
  • Network with a purpose
  • Increase productivity
  • Break free from paralyzing situations
  • Make clear decisions
  • Create strong alliances for successful partnerships
  • Become a High Touch leader
  • Be empowered to thrive