The High Touch Woman…Create the Life Experience You Want with Finesse and Success!

He successfully compartmentalizes. She exasperatingly multitasks. If his business style were a house, it would have many rooms with doors. In her business style/house, she would have open spaces, no doors, and she’d inevitably have a hand or foot in every room! Neither is right or wrong…each is unique.

Darlene knows the struggle of playing many roles and gives an energetic and hilariously entertaining keynote on the topic. The High Touch Woman in attendance will leave this presentation feeling energized and transformed! She will:

  • Minimize guilt and maximize quality in her High Touch relationships
  • Learn simple techniques to be a High Touch Wife, High Touch Mom, High Touch Friend and High Touch Businesswoman
  • Recognize that High Touch strategies can be implemented across tasks and roles with grace and finesse
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Be energized by compelling stories of other High Touch Women
  • Leave the presentation with High Touch goals and a new-found air of confidence that truly is contagious
  • Be empowered to create balance among her High Touch roles

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