High Touch Solutions…Build Your Business One High Touch Relationship at a Time

Economic pressures, combined with technology designed to minimize human communications with customers seems to have left high touch, relationship-based sales and customer service in the dust!

A tough economy means picky customers demand more “bang for their buck,” and yet companies are cutting back on personal service to save money. Darlene’s “High Touch Solutions” works with companies to create an empowered workforce that continually differentiates itself and overcomes day–to–day challenges. Her proven tools and strategies can take your company’s productivity to the next level and:

  • Revitalize your workforce or sales team with strategies for niche positioning in the market
  • Create strategic alignments within your company’s sales force for profitable partnerships
  • Introduce High Touch customer service strategies to ensure that every customer is touched by great service often and with a personal touch
  • Enable your workforce or sales force to reduce self-imposed roadblocks and reach optimal success in their job performance
  • Understand the difference between training employees to be “service providers” vs. building high touch alliances with customers that create customer loyalty and repeat business.

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