Obstacles Happen…Get Out of the Quiet Zone™ and Thrive!

Obstacles happen. Roadblocks stand in the way of optimal performance. Whether it be the economy’s pressures on us all personally and professionally, trouble at home, or feelings of insecurity in our job performance—so many times employees become stagnant, going along to get along, accepting mediocrity as a “safe place” to be for job security. This is the Quiet Zone. Create energy, new dynamics and greater productivity in your business with this fun and enlightening presentation for your employees! Darlene’s unique style will help your employees:

  • Find tremendous value in the unique gifts each brings to his/her job
  • Realize a new–found energy for their role in your business
  • Be empowered to work more independently, take initiative and be a team player
  • Increase productivity in their jobs by enjoying positive relationships with co–workers, management and customers
  • Enjoy the intrinsic value of personal satisfaction with their job performance and professional relationships
  • Create a relationship–driven marketplace where high touch service wins out and customer retention is high
  • Anticipate obstacles so that the impact on the company or individual job performance is minimal

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