Shattered…But Picking Up the Pieces: Overcome Obstacles to Not Just Survive but Thrive!

February 12, 2005 changed her life. But today, Darlene has re–named that “punch in the stomach” as her “greatest blessing.” This passionate portrayal of her faithful healing journey is nothing short of mesmerizing.

With great compassion, Darlene discusses Betrayal Recovery with audience members. Perfect for anyone who has ever been the victim of betrayal—betrayal by a spouse, betrayal by a trusted adult, betrayal by a friend, just to name a few. Each attendee will:

  • Understand how our fundamental belief systems affect our approach to a crisis of betrayal
  • Be enlightened by how our faith affects our healing journey
  • Learn “practical therapy” strategies that include H.E.A.L. to be REAL™, Circle of Support, and creating a Dark Day Plan
  • Be empowered to create a world for themselves and their family where it is OK to be fragile, strong and honest, to touch lives and to be REAL!

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